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    Is there a way to create all production communities based on test env comm?

      We have many sub-communities to define and it takes time to create each one with the proper permissions.  We are currently creating them on our testing environment. 


      If we create all of these on our testing environment, is there a swift (easy) way to backup and restore these communities onto our production environment in order to save time?   This will be our initial production deployment so production will be empty.  We are using ClearspaceX.

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          hi Ryan,


          There's no easy way to move information between instances of Clearspace right now. You could try using webservices, but that would be a lot of work. One thing you could try would be to just copy the database from the test environment into the production environment, restart the production instance, change the jiveURL system property and then delete any test content (that now lives in production) you've created.


          Also, you'd have to wait ~2 weeks, but version 1.6 will include a database migration tool that gives you the ability to copy all the data you have in one database into another database (any database platform to any database platform).  It's meant to upgrade a single instance from let's say, HSQLDB to MySQL but you could very well use it to migrate all your data from a test database to a production database.