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    Upload images in Blog - Missing in 1.5??

      Hi All,


      We just installed 1.5 from scratch to completely replace 1.1.1 and it seems as though the ability to attach files, more importantly images, to Blogs has disappeared.


      We are using 1.5 on Tomcat 5.5, along with SQL Server 2003.  I tried it both in FireFox and in IE to no avail.


      I looked everywhere I could to find settings in the admin console to enable images, including "Enable images: Enabled" under the "Images" tab in the System -> Settings tab.


      Not sure if it's related, but there were some DWR errors that were caught by FireBug...


      "dwr is not defined


      Line 652


      batch.req.onreadystatechange = function() { dwr.engine._stateChange(batch); };"


      Any information would be greatly appreciated.


      - Jon


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