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    navigating through pages randomly shows different user logged in


      We encounter an issue when navigating through pages as explained below. Please assist if you have encountered a similar situation with a solution


      When 2 or more users are logged in to Clearspace, user1 would initially get the correct page, shown with the correct welcome message (eg. Welcome, user1 (_Log out_) ) located at the top left hand area of the screen.


      However, when user1 navigates to other pages (eg. go to Discussions, Documents, etc), user1 randomly gets the page of a different user who is also logged in. This different page would of course have a different welcome message (eg. Welcome, user2 (_Log out_)).


      If we refresh the page, issue disappears temporarily, and the page would correctly show user1. Upon navigating to other pages, issue would reoccur. Ive tried restarting the server to no avail. This issue does not come up if only 1 user is logged in.


      Environment details below:

      - Clearspace 1.4.0

      - Tomcat

      - java 1.5.0_12


      Thank you for your time!