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    Rich text breaks anchor tags on images

      ClearspaceX v. 1.5


      Here's an example...


      In the Plain Text editor...(I used "anchor" for this example because I cannot figure out how to escape HTML for this post)


      <anchor href="http://foo.jpg"><img src="http://bigFoo.jpg"> < /anchor >






      Will work when saved from the Plain Text editor, and the image will be able to be clicked on to see the larger image.


      However, when you switch over to the Rich Text editor, the Wiki text is changed to something like this...




      and the image is no longer linked.


      Is there are a way to turn this off?  Or is there a way to disable the Rich Text editor?  We could simply say "do NOT click on the Rich Text editor tab", but inevitably one of our posters will click it.


      Also - the auto thumbnailing does not seem to work.  I have it set to 75 x 100 pix, and it doesn't resize a much larger image after it is inserted into a page and published.


      The admin functionality of this application is great!  However, the front end part - the part our users will use most - seems to be rather immature considering blogs are one of the fundamental pieces of this application.