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    What happened to Relationship graphs in Jive 6



      can anyone help here? In Jive 4.5, there was the ability to change relationship graphs from Connections to Friends and vice versa and the ability to configure whether connections must be approved. In Jive 6, I see that this has disappeared. Anyway I can find it in the admin console or is there a property that I can set?



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          Did you get an answer to your question?  If so, can you post?

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            2 parts to this answer.

            1. We removed the options because the Jive activity streams are designed to allow users to 'follow' another user in order to better keep up to date on what they are doing, which is similar to Twitter. Twitter like following is now the Jive suggested and default setting.  Enabling the more Facebook style approved-friend relationships means that even though a user might be creating tongs of public information, it is difficult to find it / see a summary in a user's activity streams without the friend approval.  Their is no difference in permissions other then you immediately follow the user back when the facebook style settings are enabled.
            2. The User Relationship Settings page can be made visible on a install of 6.0 by setting the system property "relationship.settings.available" to true.
              • While this property exists, it is not suggested.