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      I'm trying out Openfire and Clearspace to get some collaboration into my group.  I'm trying to enable the integration between the two and I can't seem to get Clearspace to show online status at all. 


      I'm running both services on the same machine, and Clearspace shows that it's connected to Openfire and Openfire shows a session for Clearspace in External Components.  I use a common LDAP directory to authenticate, so usernames are identical across the two.  I've got the Presence plugin enabled on the Openfire server (I'm not sure if I need it or not, but it's there), and I know it's working as I'm using it for another homebrew project.  I've tried changing the hostname in the connection settings for Clearspace from localhost to full dns to just hostname, all of which work for a connection, but none of which has yielded any change in online status for the users.


      What the devil am I missing?