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    How can we re-synch Clearspace with Active Directory?

      Due to some configuration snags, it seems some users we added into Active Directory did not have their group memberships picked up by Clearspace.  The group ID string was corrected, but the users added during the period where it was not configured still show as having no group membership.  Is there any way to get Clearspace to re-synch with AD via LDAP to pick up this information?  I've tried moving the users into different OUs and then back into our Users OU, disabling and re-enabling their accounts within Clearspace, but nothing has worked.


      I've also looked at deleting the users from Clearspace and re-adding them, but since they've already added content this becomes problematic.  Please tell me there is some way to accomplish this.



      Resolved, it seems that by adding a user in Clearspace to a specific group in Active Directory that it hasn't picked up on and then logging in as that user, forces Clearspace to update and see that group.


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