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    ClearspaceX :: 1.6.0 beta :: Enable Uploaded Documents

      There is an option under this path Admin => System => Settings => Documents that appears to allow the admin to disable uploaded documents.  The expected behavior of this being turned to NO, would be that when a user selects Create Content => Document, they will be taken directly to the Wiki Document Create page, without the community-picker step?  Is something out of whack here, or are my expectations incorrect?  Many thanks.

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          hi Ryan,


          No, we'll still give people the option of choosing what space they want to put a document in (same with threads, you choose a space and with blogs, if you have more than one blog, you choose which blog you want to put the blog post in).  The bigger point though is that it should remove the option of selecting a binary / uploaded document on that picker page. Does it not?