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    Way to re-order Announcements in a space?

      Hi, We're on Clearspace 1.3.


      If there are multiple announcements in a space (which display in a list at the top of the page), what is the best way to re-order the announcements top-to-bottom?


      I have discovered that if I edit one of the announcements and set the Active Date to be today's date, that announcement will appear on top. This method will allow me to re-order the announcements, but this seems a little clumsy.


      Is a way for Space Administrators to manage their announcements through the Admin Console, including a way to easily re-order them? Is there another good way to re-order them?




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          There is no built in function to re-order the announcements.  They are displayed in order of their date, so if you wanted to re-order them you could change their date -- or you could change the way they are ordered in the source code (you might check out AnnouncementManager.Java or jive-macros.ftl and look for the announcement macro.)