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    jiveURL property not effective

      I've got Clearspace 1.5 up using the standalone config on a non-privileged port, but I want to use the system web server (lighttpd) to proxy connections to the Clearspace server.  It actually works quite well, except that I've run into some problems with the URL changing.  I'm using https to connect clients to the proxy web server which then talks unencrypted to Clearspace and returns encrypted stuff to the requesting client.  The problem I have is that some Clearspace URLs seem to be based on the system property jiveURL, while others do not.  I changed that URL to include https, and some links now reference https, while others (most notably the main upper-left Clearspace logo home link) send you to http.  Where else do I need to change the URL?



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          I had the exact same problem when using apache to do SSL + proxying.  You can see it here:




          I didn't find any fix to the jiveURL problem, but the solution suggested, albeit a bit hacky, did work.


          - Shut down clearspace

          - Go into /path/to/clearspace/server/webapps

          - rm -rf ROOT

          - ln -s clearspace ROOT


          I suspect that this is not a best practice, but it did work for me to get apache+CS running at the root of my site, without relying on jiveURL.



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              Well, I'm actually not deploying it at the root of the site.  It's still https://hostname/clearspace, I'm effectively just proxying the port number out.  I've got several apps on the server that have web interfaces running on different ports and I'm attempting to just proxy all those requests through the main web server.  SSL was something I thought I'd get for free since the main web server supported it and it would be the one my clients were trading data with.

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                  Hm, I'm not sure what it would be then, I had proxying with apache+SSL working just fine with the site at htt://server/clearspace/.   But I definitely did notice that jiveURL worked strangely at best and not at all most of the time...



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                      I'm seeing the following behavior when running the standalone clearspace 1.5 distro through ssl:


                      When I am viewing the page through ssl, the clearspace logo in the upper left displays an https link.  When I am not viewing the page through ssl, the clearspace logo displays an http link.  When I click on a link in the site (e.g. to view a thread) I will see the page through https -- and the logo uses the https link.


                      Is this consistent with what everybody is seeing on their pages?


                      Are there any other specific places where the jiveurl property seems to break down?