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    Strange Behavior with Avatars

      Clearspace 1.6


      I have gone through a migration from the latest version of Jive Integrated to Clearspace.  One of the issues I am having is with the avatars.


      1) I see 2 different avatars for each person. When I upload an avatar, I don't actually see it in my list of possible avatars to choose from. Instead, where the custom one should be appears to be one of the generic ones.

      2) I select the "uploaded" one that looks like a generic one and that's what I see in the top bar next to my user name.  However, in sections like "Top Contributers" on the homepage, I actually see the avatar I uploaded.


      Any ideas?  It's almost as if there are 2 avatars associated to my name and different parts of the system use different versions.

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          I've not been able to reproduce this issue -- could you post more information about how  you had your integrated instance set up (specifically concerning avatars) and how you executed your import (specifically the options you set.)


          If you want to verify your two avatar per user theory, you could check your database (the jiveavataruser table)