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    Approval of content

      I am working with the eval installation of ClearspaceX and am having trouble with approval of content. If I create content as the Admin or a user (I created), in either case there is always another approval that appears to be needed (based on the message at the top of the content).


      "This version of the document is awaiting approval, and is therefore not visible to the community. Only authors, or approvers can currently access it. Once all approvers have approved the document, it will be published and visible to the community."


      Couple of questions:


      - Is there a means to see who an approval is waiting on?

      - How do I control which content needs approval and who is on the list to approve?





        • Re: Approval of content

          In the admin console under communities > settings > document settings you can specify which users are on the approval list.  The approval will be waiting on anybody in the list to approve it.  They will see the documents that are waiting on approval in their documents tab in the UI.


          There is a similar interface for discussions.