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    Use OpenSearch to search Jive from the outside?!

      Hello Community,


      I would like to search a Jive instance using an external Application. If I get it right there are two possibilities to do so:



      I pretty much understand what can be done using the Search Service API. But I still do not understand what capabilities OpenSearch has. All I found so far was: 


      '[..]The Jive application is also an OpenSearch provider (although OpenSearch isn't a good replacement for searching content it contains). You just have to point your OpenSearch reader to Jive's OpenSearch XML descriptor. For OpenSearch readers that aren't able to autodetect the descriptor, you'll have to add it manually. The OpenSearch descriptor for your community is located at http://<jiveURL>/opensearch.xml. For example, for the Jivespace descriptor, go to http://jivesoftware.com/community/opensearch.xml. Provide this file as the descriptor for your OpenSearch reader.[..]'


      Can anyone provide further information? The version of OpenSearch that is implemented by Jive 5.0.4 would be of interest for me. What can be searched using OpenSearch? What does 'although OpenSearch isn't a good replacement for searching content it contains' mean? I have been reading every hit the Jive 5.0 Documentation Search provided (Most of them were discussing OpenSearch-SharePoint-problems).


      I would be grateful for every piece of information you could provide.


      Thank you,



      P.S. Meanwhile I will enjoy the OpenSearch specifications.