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    Search in Jive 6.0




      Do we have an option in jive 6.0 to search from multiple application? That is, can the scope of search in Jive 6.0 can be configured/customozed to integrated environment?




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          Yes, and "kind of"..


          The "yes" part... We have hooks into the spotlight search via open search, but you will need your admin to set all of this up.


          The "kind of" part... If you use the app framework, then you can, essentially, integrate whichever search you want b/c you are just making ajax calls.

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              Thanks Mark!!


              I have little doubt here. Document says that "If a search engine supports OpenSearch", only then we can use the external search engine for search in integrated environment.

              Here I like to describe my requirement- In my environment, there are 3 application integrated (one is J2ee based app, second is .Net based and  third one is Jive6.). I want to configure openSearch feature of jive6 to search content that will search content of all 3 application.

              so my question is, if this is possible with OpenSearch of Jive6?

              Further, My understanding is that OpenSearch of Jive6 can be used in integrated environment if all the applications of integrated env have search engine that supports  OpenSearch.

              Please correct/confirm me.

              Thanks once again,