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    System Error: Status Code: 500 - Yikes!


      I went in to admin and deleted some sub communities, added some nested sub communities and then deleted some documents & discussion.  Maybe I received this error because I deleted the community and then the documents that were in that community - kind of backwards I guess.  This is how it was set up:







      I deleted sub1 & sub2 then created:








      But now when I click, from the home page or bread crumbs, on the -sub1 community, I get the following error.  But when I click on ---sub1/A or B or C it is just fine.  Only the -sub1 is messed up.  Here is the error:

      ?     Status Code: 500

      ?     Exception Type: null

      ?     Error Message:

      ?     Request URI: /clearspacex/community/news

      ?     Stack Trace:



      Any thoughts?