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    Problems adding a RSS widget that points to the RSS feed of a search

      I have a Clearspace installation where I know the RSS widget works properly.  What I want to do is have the RSS widget on a Space Overview page display the results of a Clearspace search.


      One of our Sys Admins plans to load her documents with pending updates to Clearspace and tag them with the applications affected and the status.  Each of these documents will require the specific teams to acknowledge that the update is ok.  I want this information to show up as on the Overview page for the respective team and application so they have no excuse for not knowing about it.


      When I search Clearspace, limiting the search to the Sys Admin Space and the document types, there is a RSS feed link at the bottom.


      When I put this search RSS feed into the RSS widget I get the following error, "Unable to read feed at URL: http://..." .  I have connected to the feed to verify that it will load correctly in another application.


      Are there any known issues with Clearspace loading an internal RSS feed?  If this is not possible do you know another way to show only the documents with specific tags on the overview page?


      Thanks for any help,