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    No access from other computers to Clearspace url

      I used Windows installer to setup a trial version of Clearspace 1.6. It all went ok; I used Admin account to setup spaces and users. Then I logged in as a user from the same computer. That was ok too.

      But when I tried to login from a different computer, the Clearespace site wouldn't connect.

      I am running in a Windows environment, all computers are connected within the company's LAN. I wanted to give a demo to my colleagues but no other computer would bring up http://somecomputernameonlan:8080/clearspace. I also tried to enter the direct ip address of the hosting PC instead of its name. Obviously, that didn't help. I'm sure it's some setting that would open up the Clearspace domain for the rest of the network pc's. But what is it?



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          Hi Elizabeth,


          If you are able to get to Clearspace on the machine you installed it on, it is up and running.  It sounds like the install was done on a local desktop machine.  In order to make the application available to other computers, the machine where it is installed needs to be configured to be able to handle requests from other machines.  Ideally, the application should be installed on a machine that is a dedicated server.



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            hi Elizabeth,


            You might want to step back a bit and just make sure that other computers on your network can actually talk to the computer you installed Clearspace on. Try this, open a command line prompt (I'm assuming you're running Windows here):


            Start --> Run --> type 'cmd'


            and then when you get a command line prompt up, try:


            ping somecomputernameonlan


            If you get a response from that computer, then great. Otherwise, you've got some name resolution or connectivity issues outside of Clearspace.