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    Globally disabling rich text editor

      We have several issues with the rich text editor and would therefore like to disable it globally, so that all users always use the plain text editor. Is there a system property or so that can be used to achieve this?


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          You can change the text GUI editor to only use the plain text editor but if you do so, this will remove the "Preview" tab as well.


          If you want to have Clearspace use only a plain text editor, you need to set the skin.default.guiEditorEnabled system property to false.


          Here is how you can set this system property:

          1) Login to the Admin console for Clearspace

          2) On the top menu bar, click the "System" option.

          3) Under the "Management" menu, click the "System Properties" option.  This will give a list of all the System Properties that are set for your installation.

          4) Near the bottom of the page, there is a section to enter a new property.  In this section enter skin.default.guiEditorEnabled as the Property Name and false as the Property Value.


          With this property set to false, the editor will be just a basic plain text editor without the "Rich Text" or "Preview" tabs.





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            Hi all,


            I was looking for disabling "plain text" editor.  So what I want is, I want to keep the "rich text", but want to disable the "plain text", so how can I do that??


            Thanks in advance