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    Search error and poor results


      I was attempting to find the events plugin download page but really struggled.


      So my first complaint is that the search has been pretty useless recently (and slow).  After 4 pages searching for 'events plugin' it did not return anything related to the plugin.


      Secondly I then got an unexpected error...




      Rather bizarrely, searching for 'add menu item' which was something else I was looking for, brings up the events plugin as the first result!?


      I have to say that in recent times I find the 'relevance' order more and more irrelevant!  I suppose in a positive way that's because you release new versions so quickly, it means the content is out of date.


      But for that reason I find that 'order by date' is the most relevant 70% of the time.   Can I force it always choose date order?