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    Registration Validation Email

      When a user registers and receives the Registration Validation EMail - the link provided in the email does not work and takes the user to a HTTP 404 No Found page.


      The template only says this for the link:


      To complete registration please click on the link below:




      How can I get this fixed?

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          I sorted this out with some help via Live Chat.  Thanks!

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            Take a look at what is set for your "jiveURL" in your System properties.  This property should be set the base URL of your installation. 


            The process that sends the Registration Validation Email reads this system property to put at the beginning of the validation link address that gets put into the body of the email.  If the system property isn't set, the process will try to read the property from the database out of the jiveproperty table by looking for a record in that table with a value of "jiveURL" for the name column.  So, you might look for that record as well.