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    A way to move multiple docs at once from one community to another?


      We are creating a new community, and have a need to move multiple docs from the old one to the new one. Anyone know of a way to do this at one time instead of the one at a time process? thanks.

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          If the documents are external, and you are running Jive 4.5 or 5.02 you may be able to use this: Bulk Upload Plugin.  If they are located in a current Jive community maybe Admin Console > Spaces > Management > Merge Spaces would work assuming all of your documents are in a specific space currently without other content.  We are on a single community, so I don't know if that will work with multiple communities.  Maybe someone else can chime in if they know this works or if there are any other solutions.


          When we mass migrated documents from an external site we did them all manually.  They needed to be touched one at a time anyway since each individual document needed unique tags.  Different documents had different space categories that needed to be set as well.  Those two factors together made it difficult to have a smooth mass import plan.  It did not seem to save much time to mass import them and then have to go back to each one to set the tags, categories, fix titles, etc vs just do them one at a time with a team of people.