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    Permissions / Groups in Spaces

      I would really like to have groups under a space. The reason is because a group allows the group admin to control whether people can or cannot contribute or view content on the group. It seems that a space does not allow that with out having to create a permission group custom for that space and add the space admin as the admin over the permission group. Can someone know a better solution to this problem?h

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          As well as associating permission groups with spaces you can create individual user overrides, i.e. you can make someone a space admin without adding them to a permission group.  This is done in Admin Console: Permissions > Spaces [select a space] > Create User Override.


          Out of interest, if you prefer the way groups work, why not only use groups?

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              Is it possible to allow registered users to create sub-spaces for only one particular space? I'm trying to set up a meet-ups type space on my community where users could create sub-spaces but only under that main meet - ups space



              Meet Ups Space


              Registered users can create sub-spaces or groups to this space only



              Rest of Community


              Registered Users cannot create spaces/ subspaces or Groups anywhere else

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                  Hi Erin,

                  A group can only have multiple projects, not subs/children.

                  But it would be possible to create a psuedo-relationship between the two.  Use a widget like HTML or Rich Text to create a common navigation that gets included in the "parent" group and each of the associated "child" groups.

                  Just some abstract thinking around it.


                  We used this successfully in one case where we had a Lobby space which contained links to each of the groups we wanted to associate.

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                We really want this as well.  Our use case is that content is frequently developed in a Group because our users seem a little overwhelmed by the Editors/Approvers/Drafts functionality.  So instead, content is created inside a Private or Secret Group - where comments and edits are very transactional and document centric (Add the word "the" to the second paragraph).  Once a document is complete and approved it is Moved (Copied really) to the more public Space for digestion and use.  In the more public Space the comments will be more content centric (Where do I find the document you refer to on Page 2?).


                The problem is that normally this would be done in a sub-Space, but my administrator is about to have his brain explode tweaking all the User Group (which Jive should rename "Roles" by the way) permissions and overrides to manage this within Spaces.  My users are the best ones to determine who should see and work on content-in-progress - not my Admin.


                So I would like to be able to have either:

                1. Sub-spaces whose security administration is the same as Social Groups or...

                2. The ability to gather (ideally in a hierarchy) Social Groups that are related to a Spaces in a way that is easier and more functional than the current Social Groups widget available to Spaces, which is done through Tags.


                We CAN'T be the only folks out there who want the lines between Spaces and Groups to become blurred.

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                  sounds like a good idea.  If you create the idea, I'll vote for it