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    Document version control (check in/ check out)?

      I am new to Clearspace (currently evaluating) and so far I do not see a method in the document management portion that supports true version control on a document.  In other words a way to "lock" a document so you can avoid stepping on each others changes.  For example,  I have user1 and user2 both collaborating on a document. User1 downloads version1 makes changes, user2 downloads version1 and also makes changes.  User2 then uploads the new version to clearspace and then User2 does the same - we have just lost the changes that User1 submitted.  Is there any way to prevent this?  Am I missing something?


      Also on another note, it seems that if you create a Wiki document and then add an attachment to the Wiki document the search engine cannot index the contents of this document (as it does when you upload a document by itself).  Is this something I need to switch on or is this a feature that is not implemented.  If its the latter seems like it would be a rather useful feature to be included in Clearspace.


      We are basically looking at Clearspace to be used internally as our collaboration tool, document management tool (we currently use a run of the mill source control product for this - its kind of messy), and internal knowledgebase.  Will Clearspace fulfill this role?


      Will continue evaluating, but these are my initial reactions at this time.  Thanks.

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          This avenue of support is intended for supporting customers who have already purchased the product and have a support contract.  It sounds like you have not made the decision to purchase the product yet.  If this is incorrect, please let me know and I'd be happy to help.


          Otherwise, please route these questions to our sales team at Jive Software.  They will be able to direct you to a sales engineer who will be in a better position to answer your questions about the product at this stage.