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    Terms and conditions not working as expected




      We recently upgraded from Jive454 to Jive504 pointing to 454 DB in our UAT environment. We have terms and conditions enabled in it with the settings as below:

      Force existing users to re-accept modifications: "NO"


      But still when the existing users login for the first time after upgradation, they are forced to reaccept the terms and condition again.

      Is this expected? Our client has reported this issue and they expect answers for the below queries.


      • Is there an option behind the scenes to change the setting on people that are migrated to not have to agree to terms again?
      • Even better, could we do it for anyone that has logged in at least once in the last 6 months?
      • But force anyone who hasn't logged in for a longer period of time to agree to the terms of use again?