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    Can display of 700 objects really take almost a minute on big hardware?

      We're trying to implement Clearspace with ~700 communities. Without any other data in the system (no documents, no discussions or blogs, no users, nothing) simply displaying the list of those 700 communities takes between 30 and 60 seconds even after it has been cached. We've set our community cache at 50mb and with only 15.3mb being used we're getting 99.6% efficiency (according to the cache admin page).


      I can't imagine how even poorly written code can take so long to retrieve & process for display 700 of anything on a fast server with 2gigs of RAM.


      Jive sales told us that some customer had something like 40,000 communities created with adequate performance, but I now find that almost impossible to believe. So, if you're reading this and have even a couple hundred community objects, would you please reply and let me know what your experience has been and how your performance is. What other things can we do? Thanks.