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    German Works Council experience


      Morning all,


      I'm new to this group - and afraid that my first post is going to be a question.


      I work for Macmillan, the publishing house. We're a global company in the process of rolling Jive out to our businesses. Our parent company, and a number of our offices, are based in Germany.


      We are particularly keen that we are able to offer policies and procedures around the use of our instance of Jive that sit well with the German Works Councils.


      Have any of you experience of discussion with them? Do you know of any companies that have been through this process?


      This is my second Jive project so I hope that my next post will be helpful rather than just an 'ask'!

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          Ryan Rutan



          Looks like we need to break out of this group to get some more eyes to answer you questions.  Apologies for not getting you a response sooner; however, in the future, if something like this should happen again, please feel free to @mention me directly, and I'll see what I can do to get you connected with someone (either customer or Jiver).


          As this question relates heavily to the German Works Council, I'd recommend joining and introducing yourself in the DACH User Group.  There are quite a few people in that group who might be able to help.  Perhaps Stephan Mueller-Ziebur or Nils Heuer could help make some introductions for you.  Great group of guys =)


          Let me know if those resources dont get you pointed in the right direction.

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            One of our clients has a German operation and is going through the process of seeking approval for their Jive implementation with their German works council (and several other countries as well). In general the works council there has been very helpful, the main issues were around what personal information is held on the system (including pictures) and avoiding the points system being used as a measure for rating employees' performance. Since often the issues have a legal implication, it does take time though, this client has still not resolved the issues after six months and we have had to deny access to all German employees while we resolved everything.

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              Hi Alex!


              We'd be happy to give you an initial overview of the worker's council and how we and our customers addressed them. Of course we can also make introductions to companies that are similar to yours.

              The main issue, is that workers councils can act and behave very differently on the same subject based on the industry and company culture.

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                I work for the German software maker SAP and we  have to follow the Workers Council regulations in everything we do when a project affects German employees or employees in locations that have a Workers Council. Usually your Workers Council can communicate their expectations such as making sure that personal data cannot be tracked. Sometimes, even if you don't use personal data you have to collaborate with them because what matters is that you CAN track it.

                More recently I've been working to implement the Jive Gamification Module in our community of SAP Professionals (scn.sap.com/welcome) - it's not live yet ;-) Because of the Workers Council regulations we have to implement an opt-out functionality so that anyone who doesn't want to accrue points and get badges has the option to opt out of the functionality altogether.


                I can share more if needed,


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