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    Database Setup and Permissions Questions



      We have purchased Clearspace and are in the process of setting the application up.  One of the questions we have relates to the account used to create the database.  I'll call this the "application admin account" for now.  I've performed test installations where the application account is given the dbo role.  After the application is installed and the datbase is created, the "application admin account" is the only account that exists initially.  I can then log in using this account and create other users, however, in a production environment, I no longer want this account to have the dbo role.


      My questions are:


      1) What permissions does this account absolutely need to have?  That is, we need the minimum set of DDL and DML permissions required (e.g.

      create table, create trigger, inserts, updates, etc)


      2) Where can we obtain the script(s) to give to our DBA that he can:

          A) Create the database

          B) Create the "application admin account"

          C) Grant the "application admin account" only the minimum required permissions


      FYI, we are using SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition


      Thank you