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    Editing & Deleting Docs in 1.7 User Console by Site/Space Admins

      Hi, We're on Clearspace 1.3, but we're testing 1.7 for an upgrade.


      In 1.3, Site and Space Administrators have the ability to delete and edit documents written by others from the Actions menu.


      Maybe this is old news, but in 1.7, these options are gone from the Actions menu. To edit a document from the User console seems impossible--I've only been able to edit via the Admin console.


      If I try to make myself an editor via "Manage Collaboration", the changes are not saved. If the Site or Space Admin is not permitted to manage collaboration, the option shouldn't be offered.


      What's weird is that I can edit other people's discussions and even their blog posts from the User console...


      Also, the button to delete a document is now hidden under "Manage Versions" and "Manage Collaboration".


      Are these bugs or intentional?