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    Discussion email notifications

      Maybe this has been covered already, I just can't find any information on it. I would like to setup email notifications when creating a discussion in a sub-space as well as getting email updates as people reply to the thread.


      I've found two locations in the admin console where you can setup "Email Alerts", I'm just not sure this what I'm looking for. I would prefer to have Clearspace email whoever has permission to the space when a discussion has been created or updated.




        • Re: Discussion email notifications

          Hi Chris,


          Clearspace does not have the functionality to do this.  If a user wants to get email notifications on updates to a discussion, they need to go to the discussion and click the "Receive Email notifications" option in the "Actions" box. 


          Note that if a user creates a discussion or makes a reply in the discussion, they will be set up to get email notifications unless they have changed their profile preference settings to not be notified.  However, if a user is not a participant in the discussion and has not chosen to be notified for updates on that particular discussion, there is not a way to set Clearspace to email them.


          - Scott