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    FollowEvent-Follow and FollowEvent-Followed actions


      I set up two actions one for FollowEvent-Follow (earns 3 points) and one for FollowEvent-Followed( earns 1 point).


      Based on the descriptions, I expect the person who clicks on Follow/Friend earns 3 points and the person who is being followed/friended earns 1 point.  Is this correct?


      Also, I'm not seeing the point values updated for the users immediately but I see the mission progress updated.  Is this correct behavior?

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          Hey Judy - Those are correct expectations, I would recommend filing a support ticket so we can confirm that everything is happening correctly behind the scenes.  One situation I have seen before is when there is a limit on the number of times a badge or action can be rewarded - when that happens you will see points not get updated until the limit is reset.