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    Bug in removing added plug-ins in 1.8 - jivePluginProp table doesn't exists

      I upgraded from an 1.6 to an 1.8 version and I could no longer remove added plug-ins.


      The problem gets critical as the main view crash with an offendindgly long error stack

      so the site become unsuable !


      An other symptoms is that added-plugins couldn't be deleted (and so keep re-appearing each time you go into the 'plug-ins' list page.


      I found the culprit in this error indication :


      preparedStatementCallback; bad SQL grammar ; nested exception is com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.MySQLSyntaxErrorException: Table 'clearspace.jivePluginProp' doesn't exist


      perhaps the database updater from 1.6 (or past version) to 1.8 didn't work.


      I added the DDL to create the jivePluginProp and everything returned to normal behavior.