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    People Browser Filter Options not displaying correctly

      The "Filter Options" widget? in CS1.6 and CS 1.7 is displaying incorrectly when browsing "People". After an initial search the "Filter Options" display but only the "Filter" button is fully visible. The "Clear" button is only partially displaying(cannot see the "C" in "Clear"). I notice this in CSX 1.6 and upgraded to CSX 1.7, but the issue is still there. Has this been reported? Is there a fix?


      The problem seems to be with the Boolean field type. If the text for the choices is too long the widget is stretched and the buttons move off to the right of the screen. The text that I was using was "Yes, I am willing to be a speaker." I have since changed the choice text to be "Yes, I will be a speaker" and the widget displays correctly. 



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