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    Install Clearspacex on Solaris, Websphere returns 404

      Hello -


      We are currently evaluating Clearspace and have been trying to install Clearspace/Clearspacex on our Solaris/Websphere/Oracle server as a WAR deployment.  Following the installation instructions, we successfully deployed the .war file and started the server/application with no exceptions in the SystemOut/SystemErr logs. 


      When accessing the context path to continue the configuration using the setup tool, it appears the browser redirects to index.jspa, however, a 404 page is displayed. 


      I'm unusure as to how to proceed.  We'd like to potential purchase this software for a large project, however, we aren't having much luck with installing it on our servers.  Any support or direction would be appreciated.


      R. Alcazar

      Project Lead

      McDonalds Corporation