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    Running 1.8/1.9 on Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard?

      Just a precautionary check -- anyone run into issues running Clearspace (MySQL/Tomcat infrastructure) on Mac OS X 10.5.1 Leopard? Working on a deployment config and wanted to see if anyone else has blazed a trail.

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          I am not aware of any current issues with running Clearspace on Tomcat/MySQL on Mac OS X Leopard.  This configuration should work.





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              So far, so good. MySQL and Tomcat both working pretty much as expected, and the WAR install went smoothly using the Tomcat Manager. My installation notes enclosed.


              Two open questions at this point:


              serving on port 80 as opposed to 8080 -- checking out Tomcat via Apache mod_proxy, mod_jk, or simply doing a portfwd at the OS level. The Tomcat/Apache interactions are not doing exactly what I'd expect, so I'm leaving it as-is for now.


              creating a virtual host to serve /clearspace at / -- Tomcat virtual host instructions tried, but I don't think I have them quite right.


              Log --


              Base Leopard install

              Set to static IP, assigned DNS

              installed xcode

              installed MacPorts 1.5.0 http://www.macports.org/install.php -- turned out not to need Macports, at least not yet

              installed Firefox

              downloaded and compiled mysql 5.0.45 from source -- http://hivelogic.com/narrative/articles/installing-mysql-on-mac-os-x

              Installed Tomcat

              http://tomcat.apache.org/download-60.cgi#6.0.14 in /usr/local

              Added admin user to Tomcat manager

              Did NOT change Tomcat default port to 80 (requires run as root)

              Created stop/start scripts for Tomcat

              created DB, imported schema

              installed clearspace 1.9 WAR via Tomcat manager


              Can't connect to DB -- need to install JNDI source

              Downloading MySQL connector/J http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/connector/j/5.1.html and installed in /lib for Tomcat


              Clearspace recommends two MySQL tweaks: max attach size and UTF-8

              UTF-8 -- tweak jive-startup file, sql db --  alter database mydb default character set utf8;

              /etc/my.cnf -- no file there by default, using large setup

              500M max attach

              localhost networking only

              thread concurrency 4

              comment out replication (SAV issue)

              DB working

              LDAP setup

              once LDAP working, re-setup and remove group settings -- still only logged-in users

              now using LDAP groups, searching for begins with clearspace -- auto-pulls members of group once cn=Users removed from ldap base.