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    Embed a video

      What is a good approach for embedding a video (screencasts) in a document. Previously we used the embed tag with html, however, since I am trying to do this in a wiki document, not sure what the best options are.


      Even better if a series of videos could be embedded and they are played only when clicked on.


      (I am using quicktime mov files for the videos).





        • Re: Embed a video

          Hey John,


          The embed tag, and nearly any other tag you'd like can actually be used in Clearspace if you edit the Allow HTML Tag list.


          To add the tags to the list, log in to the admin console, and navigate to "Spaces" -> "Settings" -> "Filters and Macros" then under Pre Processing Filters -> HTML, click settings. On this page you can add the tags you'd like to use for your movies in the "Allowed HTML Tags" Field.



          ~Sean Moran