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    Image map on embeded image

      Is there a way to do an image map on an embeded image? The images I'm currently working with are about 1000px wide so they are in the resize thing. When you click the image it opens up with a light box type script and I want to make part of that image clickable to take the user to a different document. Is that possible?

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          Hello drewd,


          There is a way to do what you're asking, but it requires the use of html tags that are filtered by default, namely <map> and <area>.


          If these tags are not filtered on your installation of Clearspace, you need only to add the html code to the document through the "Plain Text Editor". The rich text editor automatically converts html tags to wiki mark-up, which would destroy the image map.


          You can find a simple how-to here: http://www.w3schools.com/tags/tag_map.asp


          If <map> and <area> are in fact filtered, possible to add these tags to the allow list, but you must have access to the admin console. If you do have access, these settings can be found by logging in, and going to "Spaces" -> "Settings" -> "Filters and Macros". Once at that page the <map> and <area> tags must be added to the "Allow HTML Tag" field.


          Hope this helps.



          ~Sean Moran

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              Ah, HTML filter, that would certainly explain it.


              I do have the HTML filter enabled. I'm not sure i want to turn it off completely though. I was going to add area and map to the acceptable tags list, but I went into my sub space and it said it was using the global settings. I copied the global settings and it instantly disabled the wiki stuff. Even with the HTML filter on the <map> and <area> tags work. If I disable the HTML filter there is no change. To fix the problem I have to delete the filters.


              I just want to make changes to this subspace and it's subspace not globally, but that doesn't seem to be working.

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                  Hi drewd,


                  Let me make sure I understand what you're saying here. As I understand it you have a specific subspace, lets say, SpaceA, that you want to allow <map> and <area> in, but you want all other spaces, except SpaceA's children, to remain unaffected.


                  But if you change your HTML Filter settings for SpaceA, its changes are affecting its siblings?


                  I'm going to try and recreate this so let me know if I understand correctly.



                  ~Sean Moran