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    "From" address of email notifications

      We have setup the Email Gateway for our Discussions for one of our Spaces. It is properly importing mail that arrives in the mailbox.


      However, when a user posts to the Discussion (either via email or via the Web UI), the notification email that gets sent out has a "From" address of the value configured on System / Settings / Email Server page


      In addition, even if you reply to the message and manually change the address to the Email Gateway mailbox, the Subject of the email contains the Space name and this causes a new Topic to be created rather than having the reply filed under the correct topic


      What are we doing wrong here?

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          Hey Dave,


          Gateways are for more of a one-time import or export, and typically isn't used for doing things like "reply by e-mail". The tool that is commonly used for this is called the e-mail monitor. You can find its options under "System"->"Settings"->"Email Server" and then inside the "Email Monitor" tab.


          Like I said Email Gateways are usually more of a one-time thing or at the very least a batch process that is used sparingly. The Email Monitor, however, will create a token in watch e-mails that keeps track of the topic, user, and space so that when replying to the e-mail, the response will go in the correct place.



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              Thank you for the info ... Definitely not clear from the (nonexistent) docs on the difference between Email Monitor and Email Gateway


              Using Email Monitor, I was able to get Clearspace to send out notifications using a "nice" From address and replying to those emails correctly attached the replies to the original post.


              However, I'm still not sure how to create a new post using the Email Monitor. I sent a new email to the mailbox its monitoring but that email never showed up as new Discussion or Blog in any of my spaces




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                  Hey Dave,


                  The e-mail monitor is responsible for keeping track of replies to threads. In order to create a new topic, you would have to use an E-mail gateway. I know i said its typically a one-time use type of thing, but I've just become aware of this functionality.


                  I agree with you on the documentation, and I've put in a request with our technical writer to get something together that would help people in your situation.



                  ~Sean Moran

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                      Is the documentation you are referring to at:




                      I was able to change our Server Admin Name:


                      Though I'd like some more information as I see the following in the admin console:


                      Emails sent by the system can be configured to come from a variety of different email addresses. By default, the system uses the Server Admin email as the 'FROM:' address for outbound email.  


                      Server Admin Email

                      Server Admin Name  


                      Content notification emails sent by the system from other users can be configured to come from a user's full name, or username.  By default, the system will send email 'FROM:' user's full name.


                      How do I change the address to an address in our domain so that people can still post from their email?


                      And what what does the "Set Username in Notification Email From Address: mean?