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    What if we stopped using distribution list ?


      Hello community members,

      In Devoteam, we are thinking about stopping using distribution list, because they are so difficult to maintain when your organization changes very often, because it overlaps with JIVE when it comes to sharing news to an audience, because it has a cost.

      Have you been thinking to stop using distribution list (exchange) ? could you please share if it has been a success ?

      Thanks a lot for your help


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          Matt Laurenceau

          Internal users (10% of total users) still use Distrib Lists.

          • I don't even want to fight that battle right now internally because I have nothing to compete with the flexibility/ease-of-use of e-mails for users to post/answer
          • But in 3 months, when Mobility will be rolled out, I'll definitely enter this fight


          Don't have any best practice for now, but I plan to leverage champions to get initial adoption, then probably shut down the Distrib Lists when we'll get enough users transitioned  Looking forward to reading experiences (good and bad) here.

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            Hi Elise,


            We first moved newsletter to blogs on Jive ; I think it also make sense for most of mailing-lists as you need to capitalise on it. As you know, some VP already asked to migrate lists to communities.


            However, we have some "operationnal" mailling lists and for this one, I don't think it would be worth to move them to Jive. They are just here to share some information at a given time and it has no value to keep it longer than that. It also depends on who is implied. Not all people aim to be on Jive at JCDecaux.


            Matt Laurenceau : If by Mobility you mean the Mobile module, I'm not convinced at all it would solve the need due to some current bug (you need to go back to the initial content in the timeline to see all comments, when you click on a coment, you see only the initial content and not the comments, etc). Contribution by mail (ie creating content or commenting content by email) may help to some extend as we already have some people using their email to contribution to Jive on mobility situation.


            Historical iPhone app was really a mirror of the web UI so it could have been an answered. New mobile app is not by far, unfortunately

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              Below is a best-practice document we put together to try to encourage users to move away from email distribution lists. You won't be able to access the links because they go to our content, but I think you can get the gist. Also, this was written when we were on 4.x, so we discuss email notifications but not the What Matters feeds. (May be time to update this!)


              In terms of success, in parts of the business that are heavy Jive users, the email distribution list is verging on nonexistent. In other parts of the business, we've barely been able to get people to join groups, so they continue to rely heavily on email.




              As a Group Owner, you can play an important role in helping increase [your Jive instance] engagement by moving users on email distribution lists to [your Jive instance] Groups.


              One of the benefits -- among others -- of setting up and belonging to Groups is that information can be posted in the group rather than being emailed around. We all know what happens to the email messages we file away; when information is posted on [your Jive instance], however, it is easily searched from any computer anywhere (which is particularly convenient for employees who are often on the road). Also, if you need to share large attachments, posting the information on [your Jive instance] allows you to do so without clogging up your colleagues' mailboxes.


              To make sure your information can quickly and easily be found, there are a few issues to consider:


              • Think about what type of post would be most appropriate for your content -- a Discussion post? A Document? A Blog post? You can read more about the differences here.


              • Make sure to properly tag and categorize your post so users can easily Search for your content. Unlike your email account (or your server), [your Jive instance] does not have folders. Instead, content is "grouped" in Categories.


              • It goes without saying that you should make sure you post the information in the correct group and that, if necessary, the Group is Private (rather than Open or Members Only).


              • If you typically email out information / updates / schedules / etc., you will need to make sure that all members on your distribution list are members of your Group and also that they are receiving Email Notifications so they know when new information has been posted.


              • If your distribution list is small, you can invite people individually to your Group. If the list is large, you can Export your distribution list from Outlook and then Import it into Neo:

                       1.    Open your (Outlook) distribution list.

                       2.    Click File, then Save As, then save as a text only file (.txt).

                       3.    Open the text file in Excel. (Click Finish if the Text to Columns dialog box appears.)

                       4.    Delete all data (header rows) except the names and email addresses.

                       5.    Add column headers (Name and Email).

                       6.    Click File, Save As and then save as a CSV file using the "save as" type.

                       7.    Follow the instructions on [your Jive instance] to Invite People to Join this Group > Import Contacts.

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                  Yen, came across your how-to today while looking for a "better way" to import a large distribution list of contacts from Outlook into a Jive Group Invite / Invite Members. I had my own version of a workaround involving column conversions, search-and-replace and more.  Check out this one, penned by the illustrious Xavier Singy, creator of the Bulk upload to Jive Cloud: use the Windows app "Upload to Jive" app.


                  1. create a new meeting in Outlook
                  2. enter your distribution list in a Calendar event in the To: field
                  3. expend the distribution list (click the plus sign and click OK) then the list gets expanded
                  4. click the To: button at the left of the list
                  5. select all people in the "required" list (up to 30 at a time)
                  6. CTRL C to copy
                  7. then go to Jive > to your group > Actions > Invite
                  8. paste all people in that field - they are automatically identified by Jive
                  9. personalize and then send the invitation
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                  Hello Elise,

                  I agree and personally I won't see any point in maintaining internal mailing lists if all the colleagues can access your Jive platform every day. But in such a setting I even would consider getting rid of all internal e-mail like Thierry Breton at Atos did.

                  Unfortunately our colleagues don't have Internet access at all of our customer premises, so we have to rely to some extend to e-mail.

                  Best regards


                  P.S. By the way, your work inspired us to become a Jive customer last year, because two dear friends of mine, Jürgen and Stefan from your DACH organization, showed me Weez. I was very impressed and so I want to thank you for your work and indirectly inspiring us.