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    Activation code, per browser rather than device


      Can anyone confirm if the activation code for the app is per device or per browser.


      I have 5 browsers on my phone (yes, 5*) and activating with one does not activate the others. Each browser has to be done separately.


      Also, if you frequently purge cookie info (as I do, to save precious space on my HTC Android), you'll delete this activation code.


      Additionally, some browsers, like the one built into the LastPass app, don't store cookie info (apparently) and if you hit "back" too many times you're logged out and need another new code.


      [* for the record, in addition to the default "Internet" browser pre-installed on the device, I have Dolphin Browser, Dolphin Mini, Firefox mobile, and as I mentioned the built-in browser for LastPass, which I use for securely accessing some sites. Plus, many apps (HootSuite, Facebook, LinkedIn) have their own integral browsers, each with their own cookie files.]