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    Meta Discussion: Group or Community?

    Matt Laurenceau

      Ryan Rutan, Brian Gil

      For Mobility matters, when should I use this group, or the Community?

      (having both creates a complex UX)

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          Ryan Rutan

          Matt, the Jive for Mobile community is for product discussions.  The Mobile Group is an interest group for general mobility discussion, perhaps not related to Jive at all.  Does that help?

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              Matt Laurenceau

              ok, thanks!

              Not sure why 1 area doesn't handle everything, but no big deal.

              have a great day!

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                  Hi Matt - I often run into this conundrum when explaining the structure of the various communities that I manage.  I think in the case you described here, it's safe to safe that the community/space is focused on official push-content and customer discussions about Jive's Mobile solutions as it relates specifically to their own products and platform.  The social group is reserved for chatter about just about anything mobile-related, not specifically Jive's product.  By setting it up this way, some of Jive's own internal product folks can focus on the community/space and not be distracted by non-Jive mobile conversations.  In the same vein, this applies to customers who might only want to get info about Jive's Mobile solutions, without being confused with chatter about non-Jive mobile topics.


                  At the end of the day, I still think it can be fairly confusing and very 'meta'.  The challenge is to find a way to minimize the confusion while making the important (and lead generating) info the easiest to locate.  I definitely think there is room for improvement here, but I've also set up many spaces/groups following the same strategy described here because I have yet to find a better way. 

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                      Matt Laurenceau

                      Thanks Mike for the feedback.

                      I hate for users to have this decision point.



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                        Matt Laurenceau

                        OHhh, I understand now!


                        This is actually exactly what we do on BMC Communities http://communities.bmc.com/

                        we have:

                        1. "Product Forums" space, with spaces for each Suite, sub-spaces for Products (with many tech discussions, and R&D experts blog tech tips and tricks)

                        2.  "Industry Forums" space, with spaces for each domain where our Products apply (and where Industry Experts share (blog) trends and visions)

                        3. Members-only/Private/Secret Groups for Regional User Groups, Beta Programs, Advisory Boards


                        User Personas:

                        #2 is mostly for prospects or decision makers.

                        #1 is for tech users

                        #3 is for tech users or decision makers depending on exact group


                        Our users are doing a good job finding there way around

                        In #2, we often have new users posting tech Q, so we move them in #1 and educate users