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    Authentication problems using JIVE restful services from API2 (401 unauthorized)



      I tried once again to crate the discussion but now i am getting a 401 html error corresponding to an unauthorized request, i believe it is because of the authentication requirement for this POST operation, here is my three attempts of authentication, maybe you can help me:


      1- i used the authentication sevice POST http://domain:port/application_context/api/core/v2/authentication/formlogin and retrieved the JSESSIONID the 201 Status response has, that ID was placed in the header as the documentation says (REST Reference : Authentication Service) in two ways:


           First attemp

      first attempt.png

           Second attemp

      second attempt.png

      2- The second way was sending the user and password in the body of the post as a normal parameter


      third attempt.png


      But as you can see i have not been able to get an authorization to create the discussion. Hope you can help me