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    Can someone help spot what’s gone wrong in our Jive API dependent code?

      Hi everyone,


      We have developed a web app that works with a customized Jive based social networking site using the site’s (and by extension, Jive’s) APIs. The social networking site was built on Jive 5 is currently being upgraded to Jive 6. As a result of the on-going upgrade, the code of our web app is now broken.


      What the web app we developed does is to send posts and updates as SMS alerts to users of the social networking site when their connections (or friends) post updates on the site. Since the upgrade began, our own site/web app (which interfaces with the social networking site via APIs) has been sending the same posts (via SMS) multiple times and sometimes,  posts get missed altogether.


      We can’t seem to spot where the problem lies. Hence my coming to the Jive developer community to seek help.

      Hopefully, someone who has some experience with Jive might be able to spot what’s wrong in our code (I will provide the code and explanation of the code + the URLs etc to anybody that indicates they want to see it or that they can help) or probably help explain why this is happening.


      I would appreciate any helpful inputs.