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    Plugins for JiveOn


      Dear Ryan Rutan,


      I am running a JiveOn community and would like to customize it to my needs. In particular, I would like to do the following things:


      1. Add/modify/delete menu items from the horizontal top bar
      2. Add HTML custom code to the "overview" page that can make calls to external servers
      3. Allow "external users" in "external" groups to have apps
      4. Allow "external users" in "external" groups to see the overview page
      5. Maybe run the JiveOn community in an iframe of another website


      Are these modifications possible - possibly through widgets or plugins in JiveOn?


      Thanks a lot in advance! All the best,



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          If you are using Jive On, then #1 is definitely out for now, but I know that our engineers are working to add more options to these types of customizations.


          As for #2, Adding HTML to your overview page is possible…success may vary depending on how you actually access the external servers.  Pull vs. Push, etc…


          #3/#4 – I am not an expert on the External Groups details, as I haven't had a chance to really dive deep.   If I had to guess, both sound a bit against the grain, but I'd follow-up with your success coach or support team at Jive to get 100% confirmed answers.


          #5 – Currently in the product there is security protection which prevents Jive from being hijacked in an IFRAME.  Pretty sure this would affect your ability to "blur" Jive into the background via an IFRAME, but haven't tested it.


          Hope this helps answer you questions.  I've moved this into the Jive Platform community to make sure that it has better eyes. =)



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              Thanks a lot for getting back to me, Ryan! I'll follow your advice as for #3/#4.


              As for #2:

              • Could you please tell me what my options are here to make get and post http requests possible from the overview page?
              • Or could an iframe work which points to an external page?
              • Also, can I access the Jive Javascript API from scripts in an HTML widget on the overview page?


              Thanks so much again! Best,



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              oh, and a final question, which is probably related to the last question above:


              • Is there any way of customizing the overview page for each user, i.e. is there a way of knowing the user ID from within the widget on the overview page?

              thanks a lot again! Ignacio