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    Latency accessing our Jive On-prem instance from Europe, solution?


      Hi Support team,


      Context of our concern :

      We are global company located in multiple cities around the world (we are not alone I guest) (Montreal - Toronto - NYC - Amsterdam - Paris).

      We've invest incredible time to have our people engaged and use social business for their day to day work, for collaboration, communication and project management.


      Our offices in Europe are complaining for the latency caused basically by the distance (Hosted in US-West coast), the level of engagement and use of the platform is low!!


      One simple question :


      What is Jive solution to answer this COMMON SCENARIO ?? at least, to cover North america and Europe for hosting facilities and resolve this latency issues. ??


      Please, Akamai is not the solution for this : Cover mostly static resources and the COST is very high ! 



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          mrowbory Advanced

          Unfortunately Jive is very heavy in it's use of large and numerous JavaScript, images and css.


          I have found this to be a major issue in the past on a global site, and again unfortunately Jive don't really seem to have made much headway in this matter.  The site works well on a local high speed connection, other than that I consider it a bit poor.


          There are a number of things you can do to alleviate this matter:


          - Use a second domain for your static assets, this allows the browser to pull in twice as many items at once. We implemented that using the 'resource caching' in the admin console

          - Employ an aggressive static content caching policy - we found that the cache directives weren't originally working.

          - Try a custom theme and sprite any new additional images.

          - try and consolidate the many multiple javascript and css files into single files.

          - reduce the amount of 3rd party tracking systems.


          Without Akamai or other CDN the key things are - reduce amount of page assets and size, and setup a second domain for static assets.