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    API Questions - are these "fixed" in 6.0?


      A client is currently on the 4.5 version of Jive, and is using it to interface with a 3rd party application.

      This application is a portal.  It collects questions from users.  These questions are interpreted by the application.  The application then queries Jive (via the API, the keywords in the question are sent to Jive as a the parameters to a search string) seeking to find any matching documents or discussions that could potentially answer the question.  If there is a match, the application receives said Document or Discussion from Jive and displays it in a web page.


      Having said that, the application and the calls to Jive work pretty good.  There is no problem with the fundamentals of this integration.  However, there are frustrations as follows:


      1.  Attachments come down in "bulk":  If a Jive Discussion contains more than one attachment, the whole set of attachments come down.  The application would like to select one of those attachments, but can't.  It has to accept them all.  This causes performance issues. 


      2.  Binary vs. ASCII:  Although attachments start off as binary input to a Jive Discussion, after the application requests the Discussion, its attachments travel across the wire as ascii because they are packaged as XML.


      So my question is: Are these two issues dealt with in the Jive 6.0 API?  i.e. does the 6.0 API allow us to select attachments that come attached to Discussions, and secondly, do attachments travel as binary?