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    Why do some space names disappear from index?


      Environment: Jive 5 on-prem


      TEST CASE: Select any content (i.e. document) > login as a moderator > select Move from the actions box.

      EXPECTED BEHAVIOR: Able to find target destination space by typing part of name or by browsing list of spaces.

      OBSERVED BEHAVIOR: Target destination space does not appear in search results. Space does not appear in list of spaces.


      Work around 1: The missing space will appear in the list of followed spaces; however, you have to be following the space first. As a moderator, it's unmanageable to follow all 450+ spaces.


      Work around 2:  Apply a small change to the space description.  This usually triggers a reindexing of the space, and then the space shows up about 30 minutes later.


      Why does this happen?  The problem doesn't seem to be reproducible.  It just shows up from time to time.  Is there a bug with SOLR indexing?  Any recommendations?