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    Inconsistencies/bugs/quirks in the Core v3 API

      We've been using the v3 API quite intensely over the last months. I am generally quite happy with it, but there are a few quirks/issues/bugs that I would like to surface. Hopefully Mark Weitzel can route this to the right people:

      I am using Jive, if any of these are fixed in upcoming versions, please let us know.

      1. Content for a group (place)

      The documentation (Jive REST API v3.0 → Group entity ) states that this should be accessible via the "contents" resource of the place. However, this does not return any data. You need to use "api/core/v3/contents?filter=place(https://jivesystem.url/api/core/v3/places/1008)" to get the data.

      Also if you want to look this up via the resources of the api/core/v3/places/$placeId endpoint, you will get this URI, but in contrast to all other resource references the URL is returned in URLEncoded format. Minor annoyance.

      Overall I would consider this a minor issue/inconsitency, as a workaround is available.

      2. Missing ID in content

      If you retrieve a content object via the place content resource (see above) the content you will not get the public ID, but only the internal Jive ID (contentType + contentID). Annoying/performance related, as it requires another roundtrip to the server for each piece of content, which can be time consuming when retrieving a list. Yes, one could parse it from the self-URI provided, but this would be easy to add to the API)

      3. No support for bookmarks and ratings

      Bookmarking and ratings do not seem to be available through the API, or am I missing something?

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          Nils Heuer

          THANKS! for the feedback. KEEP IT COMING!!! I'll post this internally, and make sure to mention Craig "The API Wizard" McClanahan .

          Funny you should mention issue #2 as I was just conversing with Craig about it...

          You can use the self.ref property in most of the V3 API calls. If you want the ID, the wizard speaks:

          Although this isn't as convenient as having a nice JavaScript helper API, there is a way to use objectType/objectID pairs in V3.  The following call will retrieve a document with ID 1234:


          GET /api/core/v3/contents?filter=entityDescriptor(102,1234)


          (You actually get a list back because you can request more than one type+id pair).


          The same thing works for places:


          GET /api/core/v3/places?filter=entityDescriptor(700,4321)


          The disadvantage is that you have to know Jive's object type values, but this was primarily added to support our own development of the Jive UI, so that knowledge is already available.