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    Does Jive also work as a traditional Intranet?


      I am looking for a replacement for a traditional Intranet for my organisation - at the moment certain companies in our group use sharepoint - others have nothing. I understand taht Jive can integarte with Sharepoint but what capabilities does it have for offering a similar document repository /calendar sharing etc point does it have if we do not want to integrate and for those companies that dont have sharepoint?

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          Billy Volpone

          Hi Debbie,


          Thanks for posting. This is actually a great question for the larger community managers group as well... so you might hear from others that have deployed Jive for a similar use case already.


          To your post above though, Jive is most often deployed as a social intranet. Sometimes departments or subsidiaries may leverage for knowledge management, but often times the entirely organization will deploy to connect all groups and users in a central location. This however does not act at all like a traditional intranet because Jive is not focused on content over users, or locking down/shutting out conversations over static processes. We intend to open up the discussions within your organization to aid in multiple use cases, as described via this link:




          It's important to differentiate between something like Jive and something like Sharepoint. We integrate with that platform (as well as Box and others) because they are great for the content storage aspect some organizations need, but systems like Sharepoint don't successfully enable those key user to user conversations/Q&A/expert location/etc to happen.


          I think the best way you might look at this is that for many organizations, Jive is the house they live in and Sharepoint is their garage.


          If you'd like to further or trial our solution firsthand, please reach out directly and we can get you set up. Or you can start your own free trial here: Try Jive for Teams Collaboration Software - Free 30-Day Trial




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            Hello Debbie. Thanks for posting your question here. First let me say that I am not a Jive employee but a real live customer. We have just replaced our corporate intranet (12,000 users) with a hosted version of Jive and it is AWESOME as an intranet. But I will warn you it is far from "traditional." If you want a sleepy data archive with little engagement, then Jive is NOT the right fit. (Forgive me. I know you were using "traditional" to distinguish from other types of communities, but I couldn't help but jump on that. )


            We've launched earlier this month, and our people are very excited and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Jive's "out of the box" platform made it very easy for us to scale up and introduce a framework for social and mobile interaction that we could not find elsewhere. The level of interactivity and engagement is beyond anything you would expect. If you are looking for something that will energize and empower teams and can transform how your staff finds and shares knowledge, then you've found a great solution with Jive.


            We are preparing for integrations with SharePoint, Office and Outlook in the first quarter of 2013. That was also a big part of our consideration when looking for an enterprise solution. We wanted to have the opportunity to leverage the technology we already have in place, but we wanted to add a layer of engagement and interactivity that SharePoint could not support. So far, Jive seems to be the perfect complement.

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              Yes, it's more than a year since the original post, but this thread might be useful as it includes screenshots and some detailed comments about using Jive 6 and beyond as the corporate intranet: Re: Corporate communications and your communities