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    Rest API call from browser.


             I am calling the Rest service in my jive5 setup, to do a blog post.  Please see the html i created. When i click on send button, it supposed to post the subject and content ("1004" is the blog id). I have already authenticated in firefox and i am in my home page. then i opened a new tab to test this html. I am getting.



        "message" : "CSRF protection is enabled client failed to provide proper credentials.",

        "code" : 403001


      This is API i used.

      REST Reference : Blog Service


      here is my html



      <title>My Page</title>



      <form name="myform" action="http://myjiveserver:8080/api/core/v2/blogs/1004/posts" method="POST">

      <div align="center">


      <input type="text" name="subject" size="25" value="Enter the subject">


      <input type="text" name="html" size="25" value="Enter the content">


      <input type="submit" value="Send"><br>






      Whats is going wrong here!!