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    What missions are you making repeatable?

      Hi all. We have some rather ambitious community members who have already earned every available badge (and we only started gamification on 12/17). I haven't messed with the mission settings and understand that they are all not repeatable by default, therefore once you earn all of the badges/completed the missions, you can't get gain more points. I wanted to see what missions others are making repeatable. Also, is there a limit to how many points you can earn in one day?


      Thanks for the help!

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          Curtis -- what badges are repeatable in Jive Community? Or do you know who would have that information? Thanks!

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              I will take a look, at our kickoff for the year, so hopefully later today.

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                Hey Megan,


                Checked how the Jive Community is currently leveraging repeatable missions - at the moment it is Very similar to the out of the box repeatable activities, but here is a list of my recommendations of repeatable missions:


                Points for Creating (medium amount of points):

                • Documents
                • Discussions
                • Blogs
                • Videos
                • Ideas
                • Polls
                • Groups
                • Status updates
                • Tasks, Projects, Checkpoints (lower points... maybe with caps on the number you can do in a month)
                • Ideas, Events, etc


                Points for Replying (low amount of points):

                • (all of the above)


                Points for Valuable content (high amount of points):

                • Correct answers for questions
                • Helpful answers for questions
                • Your content is shared / bookmarked / liked / rated


                Additional (higher points)

                • Invite users to either the community, or to a group / place
                • Someone Follows you


                Additional (lower points)

                • Install Apps (the initial install should be worth a lot, repeated installs worth less)
                • Follow someone



                Of course I probably missed a few, but the idea is to appropriately assign points based on the type of community you want to build.  For customer service you would promote correct answers and getting rated documentation.  For training you may boost video points.  In any case you can also create Larger repeatable missions by combining or making users do multiple steps before getting the reward.   One example might be 'levels' for missions - while not repeatable, they are constantly being rewarded and may even incent users better then just a repeatable mission


                Example Q/A Badge Leveling:

                • 1 Correct Answer = 50 points, repeatable, no badge
                • 5 Correct Answers = level1,  500 points, Red badge
                • 25 Correct Answers = level2, 2500 points, Green badge
                • 50 Correct Answers = level 3, 5000 points, Blue badge
                • etc etc
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                Also noticed your other question:

                Also, is there a limit to how many points you can earn in one day?

                You can limit how many times a badge is 'repeatable' within a certain period of time, this is configured in the 'advanced' tab of the mission you are creating.  But in my experience you will want to make the description of the mission clearly state that it has 'limits' or users will flood you with questions on why they are not getting points